Your Ceremony Your Way


Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony includes a full ceremony personalised to your requirements or a basic registry style ceremony held at a venue of your choice. Each offers you a wonderful ceremony that you will never forget.

Many couples commit themselves to marriage and in the flurry of organising the wedding lose sight of the most important element - the ceremony itself!.

These vows, and the commitment they represent, are the very essence of the wedding day celebration. As no two couples are the same, together with Angelina you can plan a unique and exciting ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows ceremony allows you to renew your original marriage vows and commitment to each other. Maybe you have a new circle of friends who missed out on your actual wedding or maybe you've reached a special milestone - 10, 25 or 50 years (or, in some cases, 1 year!). It can be romantic, fun or serious - or a combination of all of these! For these occasions, children can also make this a special time for you all.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are often similar to weddings, but require no legal paperwork. These ceremonies are a public affirmation of the love shared between a couple, and are often used as a symbolic commitment when a legally binding marriage is not required.

In Australia, same sex marriages are not recognised by law.

A Commitment or Partnership Ceremony is where you can show your commitment to each other as in any other Wedding Ceremony.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

As an alternative to a religious christening or baptism, baby naming ceremonies are a fantastic opportunity - before family and friends - to promise your child you’ll be the best parents you could possibly be.

A Naming Ceremony lets parents choose other adults who will take a special interest in the child’s journey through life. These people may be called Godparents, guardians or special friends.

Music, poetry, the planting of a tree, the naming of guardians, the lighting of a candle, presentation of a special gift, the reading and writing of wishes for the special child - any or all of these can be performed to mark the occasion

Wedding Ceremony Elopement

The Gold Coast is that perfect romantic destination for your tropical beach wedding. It is one of Australia’s world class top wedding destinations.

There are some very romantic and special options for your elopement. When you choose to have an intimate wedding ceremony, I know with my extensive experience and passion for elopements that I can make your dream ceremony come to life. You can have total confidence in my services as a Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

The beauty of eloping is you can do it your way! If you wish you can still incorporate traditional components as part of the ceremony: a beautiful bouquet, professional photo's, champagne, the "big white dress," and the groom in his best. Alternatively you can turn up to your Ceremony in casual attire and bare feet!

Fiancé Visa Letter

Where one member of a couple is resident overseas and is applying to immigrate to Australia on a fiancé (Prospective Spouse) visa, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires that you provide proof of your intention to marry and that you actually marry within 9 months of arriving in Australia.

This letter is called a Fiancé Visa Letter and can be written by Angelina an Authorised Marriage Celebrant as soon as you have lodged the Marriage via the NOIM form with the Celebrant.

Please note that Angelina is unable to provide advice on immigration information. This should be obtained from a registered Migration Agent or a Migration Lawyer.

Included in my wedding ceremony fees:

Once your ceremony booking is confirmed, this is the service you can expect:

  • A face to face meeting where we begin the discussion about ceremony content, and you receive some resources to help you prepare
  • Unlimited phone and email contact as we shape and refine your ceremony
  • Final meeting two weeks ahead of your date where we finalise the ceremony, your legal paperwork and the ceremony balance is paid.

I provide a professional PA system, and am able to offer you a simple signing table plus 2 matching chairs for the signing. I also provide email and phone support until you are 100% happy with your ceremony which I create based on you and your preferences.

On booking me for your ceremony, you will be given a 'Wedding Ceremony Guide' which is yours to keep. This ebook includes an extensive selection of vows and readings for you to choose from.

I will lodge the NOIM and all final paperwork immediately after the actual wedding.